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Publishing Program | Pocket Medicine

Publishing Program

PocketMedicine's list of publications is arguably the largest group of original works currently available for use on handheld devices. And it is growing!

Our goal is to offer healthcare professionals authoritative works that meet their everyday needs in clinical practice. The initial offerings are grouped in three product ranges:

PocketMedicine Clinical Publications - references for use on your handheld device in such areas as Internal Medicine (and its sub-specialties), Pediatrics, Surgery, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, etc.

Treatment Strategies - a unique series of publications that provide the clinician with expert guidance on the treatment regimens available in the various specialties,and how and when to decide on the most effective one. Unlike the many drug dosage programs currently available from myriad sources, the Treatment Strategies programs provide a unique perspective. They guide you in deciding on the various treatments available for a particular disease or disorder; the advantages of each; the anticipated outcome of that treatment; how to assess the efficacy of your chosen treatment approach and when to consider changing that treatment when you believe it isn't producing the desired result. It's like a personal consultation with an expert in that particular subject.

Checklists - the ultimate in "Did You Consider?" publications. They act as a reminder of things to consider in the areas of Diagnosis and Treatment. They provide that extra source of assurance that you've covered all the bases, and considered all the possibilities.

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